An inclusive community-focused directory of yoga teachers that encourages diversity and positive  relationships.

Setu aims to represent yoga teachers of all races, ethnicities, orientations, body types and geographical locations. The goal is to unite the yoga community and recognize each teacher who contributes to it.

We’ll launch our full site in late 2017. In the meantime, we’re accepting profile submissions from yoga teachers.

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Joining Setu

To be featured on Setu you must have completed at least 200 hours of teacher training. We don’t require registration with the Yoga Alliance.

The benefits

  • Be part of a community passionate about yoga
  • Find potential new students or teaching opportunities
  • Receive greater exposure for your practice
  • Find other teachers in your geographical area and around the world

Your profile

On Setu you can customize your profile to highlight who you are. Everyone’s profile will include their name, photo and bio. You can share links to your website and Instagram accounts. You can select identifiers such as: race/ethnicity, orientation, geographical location, hours of training and style of yoga. The categories you select will help others looking for someone with those attributes find you.

Sign up

We recommend this for teachers. Social media accounts are different. If you don’t have a website, a simple starter site is an page.

We recommend this for everyone.

Setu is focused on promoting diversity and creating a space for groups that often don’t receive enough recognition. The site was created after noticing how mainstream conversations around yoga often highlight the same groups and demographics. For this reason, we took another site’s lead and are supporting underrepresented groups. You do not have to state your identity but by doing so you will help us highlight diversity in the yoga community. Please feel free to use this space to share your race/ethnic identity.

Additional identification (optional)

What is your level of training?

What style of yoga do you specialize in?

Your bio must be under 400 characters. We ask that you include:

  1. A tangible description of the classes you enjoy teaching (i.e. meditative, athletic, alignment, pranayama, etc)
  2. Why you teach & practice yoga and/or what you love about yoga
  3. Where you completed your teacher training
  4. Teachers or mentors who’ve influenced your practice

Your photo must be 1000×1000 pixels large. It will be cropped to a circle and square for the site.You can use a file sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox. If you’re planning to come for a photoshoot, please still include a photo here. We will swap it out later.

This can be the certificate you received from your training school or your Yoga Alliance certification (if you have one). We ask for this to provide credibility for our site.

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